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33 crore students

Education is the most important sector for India's future - our country has the world’s largest student population: 33 Crores!
With all the benefits of technology providing high quality solutions for everything from ordering food to booking cabs, why does education still rely on outdated and limited softwares?
Is your school making the most of technology to be ready for the future?
Introducing newton
Newton is a school management software custom-built for the Indian education system. Log in, choose your syllabus and you're ready to go.
Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork, storage and prints. With Newton, everything from circulars and notices to salaries and student fee receipts goes right into the cloud!
Let's get teachers back to focusing on what they do best - teach! Newton takes care of attendance, grading, timetables, coursework, notices and communication.
No more missing data, duplicate entries or calculation errors! Newton automates tasks and computes fees, dues, deadlines and grades at the click of a button.
# Insights
Newton’s data centre continuously analyses school data to give you valuable insights. Whether it’s academics for individual students or class-wise performance, Newton will give you a comprehensive evaluation to make data-driven decisions. 
# Communication
It's a busy life if you're a parent, teacher or student. Communication is vital for all parties to know how the educational experience is shaping up. Newton provides an instant communication tool for sending messages and media so parents and teachers are never out of the loop!
# Da Vinci
Newton is smart, very smart. With Da Vinci, a learning-based algorithm, teachers will receive updates, analysis and continuous evaluation of all academic and extracurricular student activity. Da Vinci also analyses student performance and can highlight opportunities and weaknesses.
Parents can make payments securely and seamlessly online from their bank, card or e-wallet.
Transport management
Keep track of all your kids and where each school vehicle is at all times. Chart routes and schedule stops online.
Maintain efficient relations with prospective students and their parents. Edit, manage, and classify admissions and enquiries with one click. Never miss on a lead again.
Automate repetitive tasks, schedule circulars and notices, and set times for smart notifications to students, teachers and parents.
mobile apps
The power of Newton in the palm of your hand! Parents and teachers can track every aspect of the child's school experience on mobile.
State-of-the-art security protocols and 256-bit encryption ensure that nobody but you has access to your school's data - not even us!
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Surreal Technologies  is a for-profit, for-good company that aims to revolutionise Indian education. Technology holds the key to realising the massive potential this country has, and we work towards making it a reality.
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